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Kind Family Saves Stray Cat And Her Kitten Who Has A Bent Leg

When Pamela Amella and her husband moved into their new home in Maine, they began to see stray cats showing up in their yard. They believed that these cats had been abandoned by their owners who had moved away.

The couple contacted with some local organizations, but sadly none of them had the necessary resources to help the poor cats. “I did everything I could to help the cats. We fed them, and in the winter if we can catch them we bring them in,” Pamela said.

Earlier this year, a stray cat made her way to their home, and they discovered that she was pregnant. At that time, the couple knew that they had to do something to help her.

On October 24th, the mother cat gave birth to two kittens, but sadly only one survived. The surviving kitten was born with one bent leg. They named him Lux and decided to name the mother cat, Kat.

“At first, I didn’t notice his bent paw until I went over and held him for the first time,” Pamela said. Mama Kat was a bit shy, but she was so happy to have a good place to raise her baby.

Lux has grown to be a happy and healthy kitten who can play and run just like any other kitten. He doesn’t realize that he’s any different to any other kitten. Nothing could slow down the little kitten.

“Lux is funny and has an amazing spirit and just melts your heart,” Pamela said. “His favorite toy is a little purple bear and anything that moves.”

Mama Kat is very attentive to her baby and is thriving alongside him. The family has fallen in love with both mother and son and made them a part of their family.

Pamela and her husband continue to help community cats in their neighborhood by providing food, bedding, and shelter. Mama Kat and Lux are some of the lucky ones that have found a kind family to help her and her injured kitten.

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