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Japanese Artist Imagines A World Where Human Live Among Gigantic Animals Will Warm Your Heart

#11. How did this girl get a fox inside the school?

#12. One of the more famous elements in Asian folklore is the Moon rabbit.

#13. The fox plays a role in Japanese culture that’s unusually rich and complicated.

#14. “Japan perceives the butterfly to be a ‘soul of the living and the dead.’

#15. A white feline hiding from the afternoon’s sun behind the curtain of draping flowers.

#16. The Shiba Inu breed is Japan’s one of the most cherished treasures.

#17. Tanukis were known to be masters of illusion.

#18. Looks like he just finished wrecking the town.

#19. The little girl is going through something difficult and the creature is her only friend.

#20. The cat, the girl, and the soft sunlight streaming through the window.

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