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Homeless Cat With Sad Eyes Comes To Doorstep, Begging For Food And Warmth

A couple was relaxing at their home, when they heard some noises coming from their front door. They went out to see what was going on and discovered a siamese cat standing at the doorstep along with another stray cat.

These poor cats were meowing to ask for some food and warmth because they were hungry and cold. They are so desperate to find love and shelter, so they kept on meowing and begging to be let in.

The kind couple let them in and gave them food to eat. They also searched for their owners, but without results, so they contacted Here Kitty Kitty Rescue to help the kittens find new owners.

When the rescue association came to meet them, they discovered one of the cats had the saddest eyes. His name was General and he was thrown out by his previous owners.

“Poor General was thrown out by his previous owners. He and his relative Siamese Grant appeared at a feral outdoor colony in search of food. They were starving and not in the best of shape,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue said.

Laurie Gotshall fell in love with General after reading his story, so she decided to become his forever human. Grant also found his forever home where will be loved and cared for by his great owners.

“I’m so happy I adopted him. He’s such a sweet kitty and his eyes aren’t sad looking any more,” Laurie said.

Watch the beautiful story below!

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