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Guy Turns His Cat Into A Warrior Badass With This 3D Printed Armor

A user named Jwall, from 3D printing forum PrintThatThing used his 3D printer to build some badass warrior body armor for his orange tabby cat Bobo. Now, his cat is ready to fight and not afraid of any threats.

“We started off first just drawing out how we wanted the overall look and vibe of the armor to be,” said Jwall, “and I suggested that it should have spikes, because I always pet [Bobo] in a reverse pattern so his hair’s all crazy and he looks like a spiky tiger.”

Jwall even offers his design for free and creates a downloadable design. You just download and print it out. “Now cats all over the world can roam safely,” says the man. “The entire design can be built with one hundred percent 3D printable parts.” And if you don’t understand 3D printing technology, fear not! JWall offers all the help you need on his page.

The design is apparently 100% printable and has a small hole for a leash and a cat tag holder which attached to the breastplate. So, no matter what battle your feline gets into, now you can be sure the feline is safe. And in the future, the felines will be ready for the “catpocalypse”. Just kidding!

This armor is too cool to give cat owners who want their pets to be as intimidating as possible. Please share if you love Jwall, his beloved cat Bobo.

Watch the video here!

More info: Thingiverse

h/t: Bored Panda