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Gringo The Cat Is Going Viral On Instagram With His Fancy Mustache

Meet Gringo, a one-year-old British Shorthair with a fancy mustache who lives in France with his parents Sabrine and Romain, and his brother Milko. Gringo had almost 60,000 followers on Instagram, but his account was hacked earlier this year, and he is now trying to get back to where he was with his new account, which has amassed over 12,000 followers.

“Gringo is a happy kitty, full of life and with a really nice personality. He loves to play all day and all night, get up to mischief like climbing on curtains, scratching the couch and jumping in the plants”, Sabrine told Just Something.

“He likes to stand on his back paw, just like a meerkat. He can stay a couple of minutes in that position, and it’s hilarious”. Gringo’s looks are definitely unique, and so is his attitude “Gringo always sniffs our plates to see if there’s something good for him to eat, and he likes to steal our sponge from the kitchen just to chew it, so we have to hide it every time”.

Although Sabrine and Romain already had a cat named Milko, they always thought about getting another one. One day, they found a picture of Gringo on a popular French cattery site and they instantly fell in love with him.

Gringo was brought home when he just was 3 months old. He is a sweet and friendly cat, so he instantly became friends with Milko. And now, the kitties are completely inseparable.

Below you can see some photos of Gringo, but don’t forget to follow his Instagram to see more his daily adventures.











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