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Governor’s Cat Interrupts TV Interview To Show The World Her Butt

Our beloved pets love to insert themselves wherever they want. Regardless of what you are doing, they will try their best to get your attention and steal your space. For this reason, when an adorable cat saw her chance to steal the spotlight, she couldn’t resist it.

The story happened as Axel Kicillof, the Argentine governor of the Buenos Aires province, was on television to discuss the city’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. For Kicillof, this was an important interview, but for his cat, this would be an opportune moment to get attention and show the world her butt.

In the middle of the interview, she ran to him, leaped onto his lap, and demanded a few pets. After that, she turned round and gave the viewers at home an eyeful of her butthole. Charming.

Watch the cute moment on video below:

Kicillof con Rial y la gata sorpresa

Posted by MPQuatro Radio Online on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Kicillof appeared completely unfazed when his cat hopped on his lap and looked for affection. He continued the interview as if it was something that happens all the time. “Oops, a cat came to me,” he said.

Everyone didn’t mind the interruption because knew that the kitty had a good reason for that. She just wanted to show love for her beloved owner.

Kicillof is a cat lover, and he is known for this awesome love. Last year, he joined a local adoption event and adopted two cats. Both of them now live in the corridors of the government building where he works.

If you want to know more about Kicillof’s daily life and his adorable cat, you can follow him on Instagram!

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