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Golden Retriever Treks Over 62 Miles For 2 Weeks To Get Back Home

Every dog is an amazing dog. They are loyal, affectionate, and smart. They can do things that astonish and melt the heart of their owners. Ping An, a Golden Retriever in this story is an excellent example. The good girl herself carried out a 62-mile journey over 2 weeks to find her owners. Keep scrolling!

Ping An lives with her family in Qidong, Jiangsu, China. As Ping An’s parents needed to renovate their house, they had to send the good girl to a friend’s home for a few months. It’s is around a two-hour drive away from her home.

The golden retriever tried her best to fit in her new living environment. After 4 months, however, Ping An finds something not ok inside her. She got homesick.

The good girl decided to take matters into her own hands. She walked over 62 miles over 2 weeks to get back home. And this went beyond the family’s thinking. Ping An was supposed to simply run away.

But it turned out, she made her own 62-mile trekking journey. And it took the dog 14 days and great amounts of energy and perseverance to complete.

It would never be an easy trip. She must have had a strong determination and belief. Make a reunion with her parents.

Ping An kept walking along the street. The brave girl was limping, undernourished, and her paws were bleeding by the time she came to an office building where she got help.

A group of workers rescued the dog, gave her foods, and treated her wounds. They then shared her situations along with her pictures on WeChat, which is a popular Chinese messaging app.

Soon later, they found the dog’s owners. They brought their poor girl to the vet to get proper medical attention. Luckily, she is healthy and happy again now.

The dog’s parents shared that they were regretful of sending her away. They would never let the good girl leave them anymore. She must have endured a lot.

“Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You just stay home from now on. We would never send you away.” They wrote.

You can watch the video of the touching reunion here.

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