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Gentle Great Pyrenees Befriends A Bunch Of Gophers In Her Local Park

Every dog is a good dog. These furry guys have a sweet and affectionate heart. They actually know how to make this world a better place by giving love and care. They not only befriend humans around them but also get along with cats, birds, hamsters, baby chicks, foxes, or horses.

The Great Pyrenees in today’s story is a great example. The gentle dog has become best friends with a bunch of gophers at her local park, trying to say hello to them on her daily walks. Her action strongly proves that friendship has no barrier. The adorable dog just loves her new friends and loves playing with them.

Fiona is the name of the majestic 2-year-old Pyrenees doggo. She always says hello to her gopher friends at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, every day she makes a walk in here.

When Fiona and her owner, Sarah were having a daily walk at the local park, she noticed all of the strange holes in the ground. Almost at the same time, the good girl spotted the critters who had made those holes in the first place—the local neighborhood gophers.

Fiona’s reaction at that moment surely melts your heart. She didn’t get confused or backed at the little critters. The good girl was still as gentle as she used to be when staying with dogs.

The interaction between the two is interesting. Fiona is like a gentle giant. She leans in for the snoot boop, trying to sniff out everything about the gophers while they’re working (dig tunnels and push out some excess dirt from it). Meanwhile, gophers look chill, gawking at the huge friend in the same kind of amazement as the doggy.

And a beautiful friendship has been built then. A bond between adorable animals of different species.

Having new cute friends makes Fiona more excited at her daily walk. It’s an enjoyable time as she hangs out with her friends and plays with them.

Fiona’s owner, Sarah later posted a video of Fiona playing happily with her gopher friends on Instagram and Youtube. Amazingly, it went viral quickly, getting thousands of views on Instagram, and another 96,000+ views on YouTube.

You can watch the video here.

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