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Gentle Bulldog Meets Cute Tiny Kitten For The First Time

Although cats and dogs are often portrayed as the worst of enemies, that isn’t always the case. If introduced carefully, they can actually become good friends. In fact, many dogs and cats have learned to love (or at least respect) one another. They even learn to live together peacefully and can get on extremely well. Many surveys have also found that most pet owners felt their pets were comfortable with one another.

We at Paws Planet believe that cats and dogs can get along, so we have collected the most adorable clips about the friendship between them to prove that these 4-legged friends can have lifelong friendships. However, in this post, we would like to show you the friendship of a kitten and a bulldog. They have been friends even from the first moment they met each other!

When this bulldog met the new tiny kitten for the first time, it was pure love at first sight and their level of cuteness was too much to handle. Although they’re all grown up now, their friendship is still cute and pure. Their love just keeps happening every day, and the two videos below will prove it!

Watch the video below:

As you can see in the video, the curious bulldog is trying to befriend the little kitten when they meet each other for the first time. If you need something cute to make your day better, just take a look at these two best friends. Those tiny head bonks from the kitten will brighten up your day!

If you are planning to introduce a new dog to your resident cat or vice versa, a gentle introduction that is supervised and handled with planning, care and patience, will be one of the best ways to help you bring peace to your household. As long as you are patient and take the introduction process slowly, you will have more chances of success.

Are you a multiple-pet owner? Do you have both a cat and a dog at the same time? If you have funny videos and stories about your pets, please share them with us in comments below.

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H/T: Jukin Media

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