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Foster Mom Gives Dog Adorable Maternity Shoot At Last Few Weeks Of Pregnancy

Love and kindness can change one’s life, even save them. It happens both with humans and animals. Nothing is better than finding our angels when we’re endlessly seeking help.

Lily Mae, the pregnant rescue dog in this story is an example. The beautiful golden retriever got lost, keeping running around the park without a collar. Thankfully, a kind-hearted man spotted her and brought her home.

Ryan Fant saw Lily Mae when he was walking in a park in Little Rock, Arkansas. He approached the dog and started to play with her. When noticing the lost dog following him home, Fant decided to take in her.

The man named the dog Lily Mae. He searched for her owner for a month but he couldn’t. So, he made a decision: adopted Lily, letting her become a permanent part of his family.

But Fant soon noticed that Lily’s stomach was growing bigger and bigger. He immediately took her to the vet and was informed that Lily was pregnant.

As having no knowledge of taking care of a pregnant dog, Fant came to his friend Caitie Evers to ask her to foster Lily. Evers has had years of experience fostering new dog mamas and their pups, so she can help the pregnant dog go through her difficult time.

Evers was surprised to see Lily for the first time. The dog’s belly was big. The foster mom decided to make something to celebrate Lily’s pregnancy. She gave the pregnant dog a maternity shoot. She also realized that Lily was a rescue dog.

“She acts totally normal and makes me nervous with her running and jumping,” Evers told The Dodo. “She is a total sweetheart. She is a stage five clinger who prefers to be in my lap every moment.”

Lily was excited about her pregnancy photo shoot. She really enjoyed the shoot. She loved being the center of attention and getting special hugs from her foster mom.

“Lily Mae was born to model,” Evers said. “She loved it and it only took like 30 minutes total!”

Just 2 days after the maternity shoot, Lily gave birth to eight perfect puppies, seven boys and one girl. The mom and the babies are all happy and healthy now.

“They are chunky babies at already almost a pound each,” Evers said. “They are doing wonderful and are healthy and active. Mom snuggles them and loves them but is also trusting me to care for them all. She allows me to change their bedding but if I take too long she’ll start putting them back on her own.”

Lily and her babies (puppies) are currently raised in their foster mom’s home. When the puppies are ready for adoption, the Houston-based rescue Chip N Snip will help them find their new homes. And Lily will be brought back to Arkansas to reunite with her dad.

Looking forward to hearing more good news from Lily and her babies!


h/t: The Dodo

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