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Family Returns Adorable Cat To The Shelter For Being ‘Too Cuddly’

A sweet cat, Jacque who just wants someone to love him, but instead, the cat always was rejected and returned to a shelter for simply “being too cuddly”.

Jacque’s life was not easy in the past. In May 2016, his first owner moved away and left Jacque behind when he just was 7 months old. A realtor found him in the foreclosed home and brought him into a shelter.

However, the shelter was overcrowded with stray and dumped animals, and no one showed any interest in adopting Jacque. Thankfully, a visit from Nancy Hutchinson, founder and president of Michigan Cat Rescue saved his life.

Hutchinson and other volunteers took him into Michigan Cat Rescue to care and find him a forever home. Finally, a woman came and adopted him but this is not a perfect home which everyone hoped for Jacque. After about a year the woman brought him back to the shelter because she can’t stand it anymore, she was tired of how cuddly he was.

The ginger boy came back to the rescue group and was confused by this betrayal. He didn’t eat for days and ended up getting sick. He had a horrible upper respiratory cold, his eyes were swollen and infected.

Everyone at the rescue nursed Jacque back to health and determined to find the sweet kitty a new home that would give him unconditional love. Of course, they were a lot pickier in this time.

Then a woman named Liz Myziuk and her family went to the rescue to adopt Jacque and they were absolutely smitten with him. Hutchinson had a good feeling about them, so she lets the family adopt him.

Jacque quickly settled into his new home with a new name – Giuseppe. He is enjoying his new family with sweet members. After a long time waiting, the adorable cat has found a loving home that he always wanted.

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