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Family Rescues Abandoned Kitten, So He Returns The Favor By Giving Their Baby With Lots Of Kitty Cuddles

A kind family found an abandoned kitten at a barn and decided to give him a second chance in life. They gave him a new lease on life, brought him home, and nursed him back to health.

After moving into his new home, this little fluff ball cannot simply hide how happy he was. He began to gravitate toward his parents, especially his new baby brother. He follows them around the house, cuddling, purring and playing. He asks for more cuddle sessions as he got bigger and stronger.

And in order to reciprocate his owners’ kind actions, he gives their baby with lots of kitty cuddles and sleeps with him every night. And now, he can’t stop snuggling and hugging his beloved brother.

“I wish I had a video of me bringing him home, my son fell instantly in love with the kitty. It was the single sweetest moment I’ve seen. They’ve been inseparable ever since,” the family shared on Reddit.

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