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Dogs Love Their Humans Unconditionally, Proving Through 30 Pictures

16. “Have you finishes your work yet? Could we get outside for a walk?”

17. The gang takes a selfie!

18. “Take a nap when joining my parents on their adventure. Feel so happy now.”

19. “Mom told me to stay at home and watch out for the baby for a while.”

20. The best bed ever!

21. The baby and the guardian!

22. Sleep soundly next to each other. It would be the most peaceful moments of the day.

23. “I’m so happy that you organize a birthday party for me. One more year staying happily with you and our family.”

24. “Even though I’m scared of baths, I still stand by your side. Don’t worry, mom.”

25. “Hang out with my friends!”

26. “Do you love me? I love you unconditionally, dad.”

27. “I’m an old friend but always offer a warm heart.”

28. “Everything is gonna ok, bro. I will try my best at our mission.”

29. A true friend and a dedicated helper.

30. “Glad you come home, dad. I’ve been waiting for you for almost an hour.”

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