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Dog Pulls A Limp Trick In Order Not To Climb The Stairs

Our dogs are affectionate and smart. They are sometimes mischievous, too. They use some tricks to make them look helpless, receiving comfort and compassion from humans around them. And this turns out to be incredibly adorable and hilarious.

Titan, the dog pull in this story does the same. The adorable furry friend fakes a limp in order not to climb the stairs. Even though his owners know his trick but they are volunteers to be his “victims”. They love their dog and don’t find anything not ok when carrying him up the stairs.

Titan is currently living with his parents. They adopted the dog from Furry Friends Animal Refuge in Iowa at the end of August.

The dog is a friendly yet stubborn dog. He has to say hello to everyone he meets during his walk. But Titan also has strong opinions of things. He will halt on walks until his parent go the way he likes or stops and watch cars and people go by along the street.

But one of the most interesting things about Titan is his acting skills. He fakes a limp every time he sees the stairs. Could you guess why he does this? The dog may have a fear for the stairs, have a few health issues, but most of the time, it’s just his trick. Everything is ok, except for the thing that de doesn’t like climbing stairs.

Titan actually has a few health issues, including chronic ear ulcers, mild hip dysplasia, and allergies. That’s why his owners thought that he didn’t like walking up the stairs because of his hip dysplasia.

But it turns out, Titan is a mischievous boy. He knows that his parents love him and are worried about him.

The dog plays a limp trick every time he sees the stairs. He isn’t in pain. He just doesn’t want to consume calories for these stairs. Instead, he convinces his parents to carry him up.

Here is what Titan does: The dog holds his paw in the air and looks at his dad with the most pained look he could muster. And his dad can’t resist this although he knows the truth.

When he and his dad finish climbing up the stair, his limp goes away. Titan then wiggles his tail and wants his dad to put him down the floor. He comes back to an athletic dog as usual. What a mischievous dog!

Do you love the adorable and mischievous Titan? If yes, don’t forget to share this story with family and friends. Have fun!

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