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Dog Is Caught Red-Pawed Stealing Carrots In The Garden

Our dogs are sometimes sneaky guys. Even the most adorable and obedient dogs may sometimes commit petty crimes. They get interested in what they aren’t allowed to do. That’s why they are in trouble.

Buddy, the adorable, playful dog in this video is an example. He loves eating vegetables, especially carrots, very “fresh” ones. The definition of the fresh carrots in his mind is ones that go straight out of the ground.

And Buddy made a plan. He decided to taste the taste of fresh carrots right from the garden. It’s challenging but really exciting!

When the dog’s mom came out to the garden to see what her dog was up to, she spotted the intruders. Buddy was caught red-pawed munching on their carrots. She had dug some carrots and enjoyed them right in the spot.

To note the naughty dog, the woman took out her camera and captured the dog’s behavior. It turns out incredibly adorable. People all fall in love with the clumsy carrot thief.

You can watch the adorable video of sneaky Buddy here.

She wrote:

“I saw my dog Buddy out the window laying in the garden bed with something in his mouth, I started recording as I walked outside and he had dug holes in the garden, dug up the carrots, and was in the process of eating another one when I caught him in the act. We had been wondering what had been chewing off the carrot tops.”

h/t: Reshareworthy

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