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Dog Can’t Wait To Show Mom “Artistic Mess” He Did When She Wasn’t At Home

Our doggie friends really know how to entertain themselves to make their day less boring. Play with their favorite toy, play hide and seek, or create their own project. The adorable dog named J.J. in this story does the same. J.J. himself did an “artistic mess” when his mom wasn’t at home and can’t wait to show it to her. Keep scrolling!

J.J has lived with his mom, Casey Lewis over 3 years now. The woman adopted him when she worked as a volunteer at the Norfolk SPCA in Virginia.

“It was love at first sight, and he came home with me that day … the SPCA still tells our story,” Lewis told The Dodo.

J.J was really happy with his forever home. He was an energetic and affectionate dog who has strong opinions about things around him. He also loves to explore it in his own way. Then the doggie has caused a lot of trouble that put his mom into half-laughing, half-crying situations.

One of them is he makes an “art project” from boxes, a wooden baby gate, a storage tower, and a large chunk when staying at home alone. The point is that the dog is so proud of his project, getting so excited to show his mom this when she returns home from work.

“What I found when I got home was a MESS,” Lewis said. “He’d torn six boxes into shreds of various sizes, from recognizable to fingernail-sized. He’d also pulled down the wooden baby gate in the kitchen and managed to move the storage tower that held it in place, and a large chunk had broken off an already-broken corner of the gate. I was lucky he didn’t decide to go for the trash.”

J.J. never thinks that his project is a mess and feels sad when his mom cleans up it. He does it with all his creativeness. Just look at the big smile on his face when leading his mom to his artwork. What could humans do in this situation? Forgive them.

The dog just loves to explore himself, adding more colors to his everyday life. Although it’s messy sometimes, this adorable fluffy guy brings a lot of smiles and laughs to his mom.

If you also fall in love with the cute self of J.J. and his artistic soul, just share this story with family and friends. Lovely things are always worth spreading, right?

Image credits: CASEY LEWIS

h/t: The Dodo

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