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Dog Can’t Stop Thanking The Man Who Saved Him From Drowning In Canal

A dog stuck in a canal grate was recently rescued by Said Zarate, a garbage collector from Mexico.

Earlier this month, Zarate and his co-worker were working when they saw a dog drifting helplessly in the water. It was clear that he was trapped inside the canal and was in desperate need of help.

“I saw something moving in the water,” Zarate told The Dodo. “I kept looking until I could identify that it was a dog. I told my partner to stop.”

Without hesitation, Zarate jumped off the truck and grabbed an empty sack the dog could cling. However, the dog was so exhausted that he couldn’t keep a grip on the sack. Thankfully, Zarate didn’t give up and managed to save the dog. Finally, he was able to lure the dog close enough to pull up him to safety.

Watch the rescue on the video below:

Zarate’s action earned him some very well-deserved gratitude. The grateful dog gave the sweetest thanks to him after being rescued. “He leapt into my arms,” Zarate said.


Thankfully, the dog was in a good health. “I’m sure he has good owners. He must just have had an accident,” Zarate said. “After staying with us for a moment, he ran off cheerfully back home.”

“I thanked God I was able to save him,” Zarate shared.

Later on, the pup’s owner expressed his gratefulness to Zarate after he saw the rescue video that Zarate shared on social media. “He sent me a message thanking me for helping his dog.”

Through this post, we want to remind pet parents to always keep an eye on their furry friends around the canal and irrigation facilities.

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