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Dog And Baby Have The Most Adorable Sleeping And Wake-Up Routine

Most children love dogs because they’re cute, cuddly, and friendly. They are great friends and the perfect addition to any family. Besides, growing up with a dog can actually benefit a child’s physical and psychological development and enrich their lives in so many ways. And the story today will be a solid proof to prove that dogs are the best friends of children.

This is Dodger, a sweet puppy who was obsessed with his baby brother Everett since Everett was in mother’s belly. “He was the best cuddle buddy during my pregnancy, and always somewhere near my belly,” Jessie Klorman, Dodger’s owner, told The Dodo.

Everett was born several weeks premature, so he had to stay at the hospital for a long time. When Everett came back home, Dodger was excited to meet his newborn brother and he fell in love instantly.

“Once Everett was home from the hospital, Dodger either wanted to be cuddled up right next to us, or entertaining us,” Klorman said. “A premie newborn sleeps 15-18 hours a day, so the entertainment was appreciated.”

Everett is now a 1-year-old healthy and happy toddler. And every step along the way, he has the dog Dodger who will never leave his side. When Everett sleeps, Dodger will lay on the floor near his crib to guard and comfort him. And when Everett wakes up, Dodger greets him with a sweet kiss.

Proof of their sweet bond can be seen in the video below!

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Posted by Jessie Klorman on Friday, August 30, 2019

Klorman and her husband are happy to know that their son already has a best friend. “Everett absolutely adores him, his kisses and playing with him,” Klorman said. “We’re very happy they’re great together.”

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