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Cruel Driver Ties Dog To Car And Drags Him Down The Road Because “There Was No Space Inside”

A distressing sight was captured on CCTV footage showing a poor dog being tied to a tiny electric red car and dragged for at least 20 minutes on the busy streets of Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

Image Screenshoot: CCTV

According to the Daily Mail, the footage filmed by witnesses as well as traffic cameras shows a male passenger holding the exhausted pooch by a leash while the dog struggled to keep up with the car that was traveling about 5 miles an hour.

Image Screenshoot: CCTV

The dog continuously tripped while making its way across the intersection, causing the car to stop in the middle of oncoming traffic. So not only was the driver endangering the dog but also other commuters on the road.

Image Screenshoot: CCTV

The car has been identified as a Baojun E100, and the driver, a female, has been summoned to the police station to answer for this irresponsible and dangerous act. The woman told the police that the Husky belonged to her friend, and they decided to ‘walk their dog’ outside of the car on their way home because there was no space for him in the vehicle.

Watch the video below!

Finally, the driver was given two demerit points for the incident and fined 100 yuan, which is nearly 15 dollars. Many people believe this act is a form of animal abuse. The husky being tied and dragged along was very disturbing and gruesome.


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