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Crazy Cat Lady Photoshops Her Cats Onto Almost Everything. But Have Things Gone Too Far?

Meet Audrey Spencer who is the coolest ‘cat lady’ out there and is a little different to most. During the day she’s an artist & Industrial designer, but by night she’s a SnapCat artist and storyteller of cats. For the past 5 years, one of her passion projects has been to create ‘cat art’ on snapchat. She uses the snapchat app and drawing tool to draw her cats in silly situations and it is awesome!

Her artistic muses go by the names Oskar, Maya, and Louie. From Snapchat to photoshop these cats have been featured in all of Audrey’s cat art. According to Audrey, Oskar is a 4-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat who likes to chew on things that he shouldn’t with the hopes it will turn into food. Maya is a gray tabby who uses her cute looks to get food and Louie, the newest member of the family.

Scroll down to see Audrey’s project with these adorable cats, they are sure to brighten your day! Please share with your friends and family!

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