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Cloud Shaped Like A Dog Is The Best Proof That All Dogs Go to Heaven

We love animals, so we have been wondering, will all dogs go to heaven when they pass away? The Bible is silent on this question. It neither confirms it nor denies it. However, we still believe that our pets will be there because paradise is open to all God’s creatures, especially kind and sweet animals.

Image: @MyLoveIsMyDobermann/Facebook

Recently, a photograph of a cloud shaped like a dog in the sky has been spread all over the internet and many people have been moved by the incredible photo. The picture proves that heaven is the place where all dogs go.

Pet owners really consider their pets part of their family, they do care for them just like for their kids and will do everything for them. For this reason, it’s a real pain for those people when their beloved pets pass away.

Image: Not Photoshopped Facebook

So, the captured photo really comforts everyone who loves dogs that dogs are the one who goes to heaven, and they are living happily in a doggy park up in the clouds for eternity once they leave us. This photo also serves as a beautiful reminder to everyone that our dogs are always following and protecting us.

Image: @MyLoveIsMyDobermann/Facebook

Does this amazing picture remind you of a beloved dog up in doggy heaven? Share it with your friends and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in comments!

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