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Cats Hugging Will Be the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Hugs are a natural antidepressant. The body reacts positively to a caring and loving touch. However, hugging is not just for humans. If you know cats, you will know they are creatures that love to hug.
Cats are always managing to give hugs in their own cat way. Whether it’s rubbing against you with their tail, pushing you with their head, or snuggling up with them in bed, cats love to give hugs to all types of creatures.
We’ve compiled all the cutest, most aww-worthy cat hugs we could find below. Let’s find a comprehensive glossary of hugs your cat will love. Prepare yourself for extreme hug cuteness.

1. The “Trying to Get Comfy” Hug



4. The “Shh, Just Go Back to Sleep”

5. The “Pay Attention to Me, Hooman”

6. The “Sleepy Sunday Snuggle”

7. The “Good Night” Hug

8. The “Children Hugging Kittens Makes Me Nervous But She’s Doing a Good Job” Hug

9. The “Synchronized Snuggle” Hug

10. The “Baby’s First Hug” Hug

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