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Cat Sneaks Into His Neighbors’ House Every Night For Sleepovers

Whenever the weather is nice, John and Alex go out or leave their door open to enjoy the weather. Thanks to this hobby, they have a special friend who visits them and sleeps with them every day.

About six months ago, the couple was relaxing inside their house when a cat walked in, said hello to them, and made himself cozy.

“He just walked in like he owned the place,” John Sanders told The Dodo.

They looked at his tag and discovered his name was Tigger. He belonged to their neighbors, so they contacted his owners and got him back home.

The couple was happy as Tigger was reunited with his family. However, the cat had other plans. “He came back the next day and every day since,” Sanders said.

“Tigger’s self-appointed schedule is as follows: It used to be just at night between 9-11 p.m., and stay the night. Alex would let him out when she would go get coffee,” Sanders said. “Now that we’re home during COVID, he visits between 12-2, 4-6, and still comes back overnight. There are days where we don’t see him, but that’s rare. We usually see him twice a day without fail.”

“His parents have said Tig really just does what he wants and he has chosen us,” Sanders said. “They have said they are just happy that he’s warm and safe and not wandering the streets.”

The new family has no idea how or why Tigger has chosen the Sanderses as his second family, but frankly, they are happy about it. They love Tigger so much and consider him as a part of their family now.

If you love Tigger, you can follow him on Instagram to see more his pictures!

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