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Cat Sleeping In Corner Inspires Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Our feline friends are true masters at falling asleep any time, any place, under any circumstances. Even a cursory web search will reveal thousands of photos of sleeping cats in cute or crazy positions.
Cats are natural predators, and even the most adorable, gentle, fluff ball has the potential to turn into a savage wild beast at the sight of a mouse! All of activities which require a great deal of energy, it’s for these reasons that they conserve energy by sleeping as much as possible. However, when they sleep, we’re sure you’ll agree they’re darned cute, and we’re sure you’ll say “awww.”
Recently, there is a sleepy cat in corner is going viral on the internet. This cute picture began a photoshop battle with hilarious pictures. So sit back and see these funny photos and vote on your favorites!











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