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Cat Shelter In Romania Rescued Over 200 Cats In 3 Years

Furever Home – Romania Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization that was founded by two siblings in Romania. They have had cats since they were little. They started to rescue abandoned cats from their city and from neighboring villages 3 years ago.

The siblings have cared for over 200+ cats and 30+ dogs in the last 3 years, all from their own money. But right now, they can’t earn enough money to help these animals. That’s why they have started this non-profit organization.

If you could kindly consider donating to them, please visit their website or social media links: | Facebook | | Patreon

They mostly need help with food for 188 cats.

Some of them are sick and need medicine and treatments.

Any help with cat food, medicine, or small donations would be very welcome!

Thank you for helping the cats. Please continue your good work!

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