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Cat Knows How To Ask His Owner To Give Him Treats

Meet Blake, the cute fluffy cat who knows clearly how to get what he wants, especially when it comes to asking for delicious treats. Once he wants treats, he will do everything he can to take them.

Recently, Blake’s owner, a TikTok user nicknamed @paige.evanss, shared a video of her cat’s special way of making requests. Not surprisingly, the video quickly went viral on TikTok and social media.

You can watch the video here:

@paige.evanss ♬ original sound – paige.evanss

As you can see in the clip, he puts his paw on his owner’s knee to get her attention, and then points to where his favorite treats are kept. Blake couldn’t speak, but he still found a smart and simple way to tell his owner what he wanted.

Image Credits: @paige.evanss

Not only does Blake know how to ask for treats, he seems to know whether his request is accepted or not. When his owner doesn’t react and give him treats immediately, he glares.

It’s clear that Blake uses this way to ask for treats regularly.

@paige.evanssDifferent day, same antics ##fyp ##catsoftiktok ##cat♬ Borderline – Tove Styrke

Though neither video shows Blake receiving one of those tasty treats, we hope that his owner will accept his request all the time.

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Source: The Dodo

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