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Cat Knows Exactly What To Do When He Sees Little Boy Having A Meltdown

Everyone needs someone to lean on – a friend who truly understands them and who will be there whenever they’re needed most. In this story, a little boy named Jayden Denton is lucky to have found a friend in a sweet gray cat named Kitty.

Being a boy with special needs, Jayden is prone to feeling overwhelmed at times, top him to have occasional sensory meltdowns. It can sometimes make it difficult for him to relate with others.

“My son has sensory processing disorder and other issues. When he gets overloaded or doesn’t understand, he has outbursts of crying and is inconsolable.” Tonya Denton, Jayden’s mom, told The Dodo.

Jayden’s family tried everything they could to comfort Jayden, but none of their methods worked until Kitty came into their lives. It was as if fate led Kitty to their house to change Jayden’s situation.

“We began seeing Kitty generally operating more than to him for the duration of breakdowns,” Tonya stated. “Throughout his breakdowns, Kitty licks his head till he gets Jayden to calm down. This has been the only way to calm Jayden.”

Not too long ago, Jayden’s mom recorded this touching moment on video. The clip shows Jayden was clearly upset and Kitty began licking his head. Amazingly, he immediately calmed down and started petting the cat.

“This cat has changed everything. To see their bond, as his mother, is not just amazing, but special to see such a crazy cat come to him in his times of need,” Tonya said.

“Kitty makes my son happy, and it’s like they understand each other. It’s just a happy feeling knowing my son has a best friend,” Tonya said.

Check out the video below:

My son in a melt down this cat can sense it and calms him down every time!

Posted by Tonya Denton on Monday, 15 April 2019

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h/t: The Dodo