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Cat Escapes From High-Security Prison In Sri Lanka After Being Detained For Smuggling Drugs

A cat has escaped from a high-security prison in Sri Lanka, media reports said Monday.

The feline was jailed for smuggling drugs and cell phone SIM cards. A Sri Lankan police official said that jail intelligence officials caught the cat roaming inside the high-security Welikada Prison on Saturday.

‘Drug-smuggling cat’ was jailed after being found with heroin and SIM cards tied around its neck.

He said nearly two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip were found in a small plastic bag tied around the cat’s neck.

However, the cat managed to escape out of the cell in which it had been kept, the Aruna newspaper said. Reportedly, the four-legged drug lord escaped from the prison through a fence when prison guards came in to feed it.

The incident occurred this Sunday, and prison authorities gave no immediate comments on the incident. Photos of the feline smuggler and the news of its escape went viral on social media.

Welikada Prison has reported an increase in incidents of people throwing small packets of drugs, cell phones and phone chargers over the walls in the past few weeks.

Sri Lanka is facing a major drug problem with some anti-narcotics detectives also implicated in selling confiscated drugs.

The police suspect that the drug traffickers who trained the cat came from the same cartel that used to use an eagle to smuggle drugs. While there is no stipulation for animal arrest in Sri Lanka, law enforcement was hoping that the feline could lead the police to the smugglers’ den, local media reports suggest.

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Image credits: Sri Lanka Police

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