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Cat Demands A Ride In Her Box Every Single Night Before Going To Bed

Selina is an adorable cat who was abandoned on the streets by her owners. Thankfully, a kind-hearted family saved her and adopted her into their home. And ever since then, Selina has formed a special bond with her dad, and he has always been her favorite person. Selina and her dad love each other so much. Their bond is so strong that they always do things together.

“He loves to carry her around like a baby,” Divya Krishnan, Selina’s family member, told The Dodo.

One night after her dad returned home from work, they accidentally played a fun game that has now become their nightly routine. Selina was relaxing in a box, one of her favorite activities, when her dad decided to move the box. Not only did he move the box, but he also pulled it around the house. And of course, Selina absolutely loved it.

“He wanted to move the box one night while she was in it and then next minute she was in the box having the time of her life so now he always keeps at least two boxes upstairs for her to have a ride,” Krishnan said.

Now, Selina and her beloved dad have a nightly routine before going to bed. She waits at the door for him to come home from work, then follows him wherever he goes and waits for him to demand a ride in her box. Once he’s ready, she jumps into her box and lets her dad pull her around for a while.

“It always happens in the evening, same time,” Krishnan said.

It’s the great way to end the day, and Selina refuses to go to bed without it. If her dad doesn’t engage in the routine, Selina will meow and meow until he pulls the box. She loves their routine too much to ever let him forget.

Selina loves her dad so much and loves rides in her box. Of course, her dad loves her right back, and enjoys their nightly routine just as much as she does. No matter what happens, he will do anything to make Selina happy.

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