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Cat Attempts To Steal Balloon And Is Shocked When It Floats Away

Cats, especially kittens love to steal things because they’re a bit bored and want to look for something to entertain themselves. So, when Butterboy the cat discovered a beautiful balloon, he decided he had to make it his.

Although Butterboy is 3 years old, he often still acts like a kitten. He loves being places he shouldn’t be and playing with things that aren’t his. However, his mom is never angry with him and always watches patiently to see what he’ll do next.

“He’s the sweetest cat ever but still very playful and can also be mischievous,” Lauren Bell, Butterboy’s mom, told The Dodo. “He plays fetch and acts like a dog most of the time, like getting in the shower, and he only drinks from the sink.”

One day, Bell was given a balloon at work, and she brought it home with her. As soon as Butterboy saw the exciting balloon, he couldn’t resist and decided to steal it. He grabbed the string and began carrying the balloon around the house with him.

Butterboy was so happy when playing with his new balloon, but because he didn’t understand exactly what a balloon was, at one point he let the string go and was absolutely shocked when it floated away from him.

Butterboy was confused, stared at the balloon and wondered what had just happened and why he no longer had his precious balloon. Thankfully, his mom retrieved it and gave it back to him, but soon after, the balloon went back to floating on the ceiling and the boy was left confused again.

His mom kindly got the balloon back a few more times before finally giving up. It seemed that Butterboy would never understand the concept of a balloon, but he is fine and will definitely find something else to play in no time.

Watch the full video of Butterboy and his balloon below:

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