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Boyfriend Shaves Girlfriend’s Head, Then Immediately Shaves His Own To Show Support

Eva Bari is a French law student from Monaco who suffers from hair loss – a condition that causes bald patches and severe hair loss. She regularly shaves her head after periods of hair growth, but this time was a bit different. She asked her boyfriend, Damien, to shave her head.

Eva filmed the hair-cutting session and shared it on TikTok. “After months growing my hair for the first time in 10 years, I had to ask my boyfriend to shave my head again… [the] first time was my granddad,” she commented below the TikTok.

The video shows Eva sitting down as her boyfriend uses clippers to carefully shave off her hair, taking time to do it correctly. From time to time, Eva is sad and sometimes distraught, but she tries to be brave and strong.

After finishing Eva’s hair, without hesitation, Damien immediately shaves his own head to show support for her. He wanted to face the challenge together.

When she realizes what he’s doing for her, Eva breaks down into tears and the footage ends with the pair kissing and hugging.

This heartwarming act of love has gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms as well, leaving many reaching for the tissues. People were touched by the boyfriend’s heartwarming act of love and left a bunch of heartwarming comments.

One man wrote: “As a dad with two daughters, you sir are the kind of man I would hope they find.”

“Bro who else’s eyes are sweating,’ one person wrote, while another said: ‘I just did my makeup sooo thanks for ruining that.’ Another joked: ‘My eyeballs be like why is it spicy?”

Even celebrities such as Ben Stiller, Kathy Griffin, and Seth Green, have responded to the now-viral video. “More tissues please. More,” commented Kathy. “Humans’ capacity for love and compassion is unrivaled,” added the actor Seth Green.

She later shared the heartwarming footage on YouTube with the caption, “My boyfriend surprised me by shaving his head just after shaving mine. I will be forever grateful for being so well surrounded. I wish everyone could be supported as well as I am daily. This video is to remember everyone that love is above all, and that all one’s need is love. Thank you Damien, I love you too.”

Watch the emotional video that left many people in tears below:

What an incredible gesture and a cute couple. We wish them every happiness moving forward.

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