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Big Dog Helps Tiny Disabled Kitten Walk Again

Meet Harpurr, a tiny disabled kitten who couldn’t use his back legs to walk and stand. But thanks to the help and love of rescuers, fosters, and his best friend Cinder the dog, Harpurr can walk again and live a happy and healthy life that he deserves.

Harpurr and Cinder are best friends, and they are now inseparable. But before they became friends, Harpurr was just a tiny baby kitten who was abandoned at a yard, with no one to care for him. But luckily, some kind people found him and took him to an animal shelter, where an animal rescuer named Shannon could take care of him.

Harpurr couldn’t use his back legs, but thankfully, the people at the shelter knew how to help him. They cuddled him and introduced him to Cinder the dog. They hoped that Cinder could play with Harpurr all the time.

Cinder fell in love with the kitten instantly. She just wanted to cuddle and lick him all the time. It was just beautiful and magical. The shelter gave Harpurr a cat cart that he could use to go around. He loves the cart because it helps him run around and chase other cats around the house.

Watch the video below to see how strong the bond between Harpurr and Cinder is:

Harpurr was more confident and came out of his shell because of Cinder. Through this sweet story, we would like to say that everyone needs a friend who can understand them and is always stay by their side. It’s just a really cute story!

Special thanks to Shannon, Harpurr & Cinder. If you love them, you can follow them on Instagram!

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H/T: Dodo Kids – YouTube

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