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Artist Turns Funny Cat Pics And Memes Into Cute Watercolor Illustrations (30 New Pics)

16. Summoning…

17. How did this cat’s owner ever get the cat to agree on this?


19. I love the “stay tuned for more great content”, we all could definitely use some good news!

20. It fits I sits.

21. Clever kitty, sanitizing paws after touching face!

22. A new species of CATerpillar discovered, a very furry species

23. The ring, comes to mind … brrrr

24. Today is Mewday, it’s time for today’s mewning announcements….

25. Testing…just testing the temperature…

26. Baby ham thief

27. “Do you love me?”

28. “I saw your butt, man. It’s this big!”

29. Sorry, this one is just un-a-peeling.

30. I not fat. I fluffy.

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