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Artist Recreates Famous Paintings In Art History By Using Cats

Nobody can deny that cats are one of the most entertaining things ever. So it’s not wonder that our feline friends are used in various contexts, and art is not an exception.

A Chinese illustrator and UI designer Effy Zhang decided to recreate some of the classic paintings in the most special way. Instead of drawing the people who are originally shown there, he drew our feline companions. Scroll down to see his drawings! We are sure they will make your day brighter!

If you want to see more his drawings and artworks, you can visit his website.

1. Girl With A Pearl Earring

2. Marilyn Monroe

3. Las Meninas

4. Portrait of Innocent X

5. Drowning Girl

6. Bacchus

7. Lady with a Fish

8. American Gothic

9. Kitagawa Utamaro

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