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Artist Imagines What Would Happen If Cats Were Favoured Subjects For Famous Paintings

11. “The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus” With Moochie, Joseph Wright Of Derby

12. “In The Garden” With Baby Bee, Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau

13. “Seminude” With Giorgio, Paul Raud

14.  “Le Repos” With Giorgio And Dumpling, Paul Peel

15. “Elizabeth Stevens Carle” With Moochie, Joseph Wright Of Derby

16. “Breton Girl Looking After Plants In The Hothouse” With Moochie, Anna Petersen

17. “Portrait Of A Woman Reading” With Moochie, Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy

18. “Lady With A Lorgnette” With Giorgio, József Borsos

19. “Knitter Asleep” With The Dumpling, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

20. “Die Lauscherin” With Beezie, Peter Fendi

21.  “Margaret, Countess Of Blessington” With Giorgio, Sir Thomas Lawrence

22. “Lilacs In A Window” With Giorgio, Mary Cassatt

23. “Girl With Cherries” With Baby Dumpling, Giovanni Ambrogio De Predis

24. “Young Maria De Medici” With Giorgio, Santi Di Tito

25. “Portrait Of The Three Daughters Of Julius Johann Von Vieth Und Gossenau” With Lawrence, Anton Graff

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