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Animals Chill By Their Own Rules, Showing In 30 Photos

16. “Huh? You want to hug and give me a kiss. No way. We aren’t familiar with each other.”

17. “Pole dance in a new version!”

18. “I literally get hooked into my milk bowl.”

19. “I feel comfortable when sleeping like this. But my mom finds it hard to explain.”

20. “This world is mine!”

21. “Mom, this creature steals my food. Could you drag her out of my food bowl?”

22. “Chill is when you find a new perfect place to play hide and seek.”

23. “I’ve eventually found my favorite chair to rest for a while.”

24. “We love observing humans passing by through these lenses.”

25. Sit like a gymnast!

26. “Chill is to build your own nest and play here all day long.”

27. “Yeah, I’m the winner. You guys must obey me from now on.”

28. “He is how I chill when climbing the wall.”

29. Sleep like tomorrow is Sunday!

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