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Animals Chill By Their Own Rules, Showing In 30 Photos

Our dogs have their own logic. That’s why they play and chill by their own rules. You think their actions or gestures are weird and abnormal but they don’t really care about them. They do not find anything wrong with them. “Why humans out there keep laughing at me? Do I look funny?” These seem to be their responses to these situations.

And 30 photos below prove that point. Animals live with their own opinions and habits. If you are looking for animal pics that can boost your mood immediately, these are right up your street. They also bring a much-needed laugh when you are tired or stressed. Additionally, these photos will give us a better understanding of the animals. They are just adorable in their own way!

1. “Take a rest during the walk. I’m constantly tired, so I need to lie like this. But humans keep staring at me and laughing. Why?”

2. This guy thinks that this is his best ever hiding place. No one can spot him.

3. “Chill is to imitate the sitting position of a cat. Did I do it well?”

4. “I don’t mean to scare my dad and mom. I just steal some dragon fruits and take a nap after eating them.”

5. “I can’t believe that it’s true. Finally, I get a girlfriend. Can’t help expressing my excitement.”

6. “Why you human drag me out of my marshmallow bond?”

7. “I don’t really enjoy my adventure to the beach.”

8. “Am a big cat, right? I just love like this and other siblings will respect me more.”

9. “Let me join you hiding our parents. They won’t find us, right?”

10. “I’m not ready for bath time, mom.”

11. “Chill is to find a high yet safe place and take a nap here. This one makes sense, right?”

12. “You are seeing what? I’m just doing a yoga pose. Dogs love playing sports, too.”

13. “I don’t try to get my fur dirty like this. I just can’t stand falling in love with the mud.”

14. “I’ve finished. You guys can come to seek me.”

15. “I just sit in the way I feel comfortable. Is there anything wrong?”

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