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Adorable Ginger Kitten Learns How To Groom Himself

Cats are fastidious creatures who can spend up to half their waking hours engaged in grooming and keeping themselves beautiful. When cats are kittens, they learn to groom by watching their moms clean themselves. For this reason, if a cat was taken from their mom too soon or if their mom never learned to groom herself, the kitten may need help staying well-groomed.

Regular grooming is an important part of maintaining health in cats. Besides, this habit brings cuteness and happiness to our furry friends. And what can be more adorable and cute than a kitten while grooming itself?

If you are looking for something cute to get you ready for the week with a smile on your face, don’t look any further because the video below is everything you need. We believe that nobody can resist this little ginger’s cuteness! It’s overloading!

Watch the cute video here:

As you can see in the video, this cute little fluff ball named Mitch is grooming itself in the most adorable way! Mitch the kitten is doing everything his mama does, learning to groom like a big kitty. “I can do anything you do and better!”

According to DrNworb’s KitsCats “Fluffy little Mitch was one of 5 adorable kittens that we fostered, along with their mum Nornie, last summer for VOKRA – The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc. Mitch and his brother Baxter were adopted into a fabulous forever home where they are both doing well.”

After all, what’s better than thinking about kittens?

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