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Adorable Dog Refuses To Leave Teddy Bear’s Side During Wash Time

We love teddy bears because they are gift items and best friends has been around for many years. The teddy bears are warm and affectionate that make them special. And perhaps that is the reason why Habs the dog in story below chooses his best friend is a giant teddy bear.The teddy bear belonged to Jacqueline Estey, Habs’ owner. However, he claimed the toy for himself when he joined the Estey family three years ago. Since then, Habs and his favorite toy are pretty much never apart.However, the giant teddy bear was so dirty and needed washing in machine. Habs thought that it was awful with his friends. Luckily, Habs was on hand to protect and cheer his best friend up.As you can see in the video, the dog was sitting next to the washing machine and wasn’t moving for anything. He just watched and waited until his friend pulled out.

After finishing, his best friend was safe (and clean) downstairs, waiting for him in his bed. He was happy when his friend was back, he curled up in his bed and they fell asleep together.However, at night the dog woke up and went to the washing room to find the teddy bear. As soon as the dog realized that it was just “a bad dream”, and his friend was waiting for him in his bed.

Have you ever heard such a sweet story before? He’s an adorable dog. Please share this story with your friends and family to make your day!