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30 Winning Photos Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 That You Won’t Stop Laughing

16. Almost time to get up by Charlie Davidson

17. Sun salutation class by Sue Hollis

18. Laughing hippo by Manoj Shah

19. Terry the Turtle flipping the bird by Mark Fitzpatrick

20. Mocking Bird by Sally Lloyd-Jones

21. Boredom. Mountain Gorilla. by Marcus Westberg

22. Surprise smiles by Asaf Sereth

23. Doggo by Esa Ringbom

24. Monkey business by Megan Lorenz

25. Lamentation by Jacques Poulard

26. The race by Yevhen Samuchenko

27. Quiet please. Kestrel. by Mike Lessel

28. Like mother, like daughter. Asian Elephants. by Jagdeep Rajput

29. It’s the last day of school holidays. Smooth-coated otters. by Max Teo

30. Striking A Pose. Macaque. by Luis Marti

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