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30 Puppies That Take A Life Lesson: Never Disturb Bees

16. “Do you know what’s happening with my mouth? I don’t feel comfortable at all.”

17. “I’m a bit shocked at my face. I used to be a cool boy till this time.”

18. ” A new-shaped nose. But I don’t like it at all.”

19. “The first time I go to see the vets because of beesting.”

20. “I find it hard to open my mouth and eyes, mom. The beesting hurts me. I’m so worried.”

21. “I used to be a handsome boy until having a mess with bees.”

22. “I literally a big man now. A man with a big mouth.”

23. “Why is my mouth at this shape? I just played with some flying tiny creatures but they came back and stung me.”

24. “Fluffy boy with a chubby mouth. Still adorable, right?”

25. “Mom, I’m scared. I’ve never been like this. My mouth is sore and my eyes are uncomfortable.”

26. “I don’t want to look at the mirror to see my face now. Who is this ugly guy?”

27. “My dad and I are on the way to see the vet for a check-up. I got a bee-stung.”

28. “Two faces of two different breeds but share many resemblances.”

29. “Be after a bee-sting. Can’t still believe what happened with me.”

30. “I’m in trouble, mom. I think you should take me to see the vet.”

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