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30 Pawsome Pit Bull Hybrids You Should See Right

#16 Pit Bull + Alaskan Husky

#17 Pit Bull + Yorkie

#18 Pit Bull + Corgi

#19 Pit Bull + Dachshund

#20 Pit Bull + Shar Pei

#21 Pit Bull + Australian Shepherd

#22 Pit Bull + Dachshund

#23 Pit Bull + Rhodesian Ridgeback

#24 Pit Bull + Dalmatian

#25 Pit Bull + Golden Retriever

#26 Pit Bull + Dalmatian

#27 Pit Bull + Chihuahua

#28 Pit Bull + Bassett

#29 Pit Bull + Chihuahua

#30 Pit Bull + Spaniel

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