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30 Hilarious Pets Who Don’t Care About Their Owners’ Personal Space

16. Lost behind the cats.

17. “Personal space? What personal space?”

18. But I just got comfy.

19. Hey, buddy! Are you comfortable there?

20. Well… This sums up living with pets.

21. Yeah, I’m just gonna sit right here.

22. My friends malamute thinks he’s a lap dog.

23. She was yelling “Auntie He’s Squishing Me!”. I look back to find him completely content.

24. When you live just with your wife that must mean that you.

25. Two months off the race track and my adopted Greyhound is still trying to understand what being a lap dog is all about.

26. My dad kept griping “I Don’t Want A Dog!” This is how I find them napping.

27. My great Dane thinks he’s a parrot.

28. Sometimes she has problems recognizing personal space.

29. I own this human.

30. No concept of personal space.

Which of these cute intruders made you smile? If you have any funny pictures of pets not quite getting the concept of personal space, please share with us in the comments!

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