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30 Hilarious Pets Who Don’t Care About Their Owners’ Personal Space

Our pets have absolutely no concept of borders or boundaries. So, they have trouble respecting for our privacy and personal space. But sometimes, they invade our space or other’s personal space because they don’t want to be alone and just want our attention. They may sprawl out in the middle of the bed and relegate you to the side, peep into your bathroom or try to sleep on your computer as you are using it.

Here are 30 pictures of pets who couldn’t care less about what you call “personal space”. Scroll down to check out, and we are sure that many of these images will put a smile on your face.

1. “What is this word ‘privacy’ you speak of?”

2. “If I fits, I sits.”

3. You’re gonna be my pillow, human.

4. “This is Hank’s normal. Just keeping my ear warm.”

5. Dog who is also a face mask.

6. “I think she knows I have to be away for 2 days.”

7. This is what dog sitting looks like.

8. When you just wanted to read a book in a quiet place…

9. “My buddy Rooney has personal space issues.”

10. She’s studying. I’m helping. Got a problem with that?

11. Make yourself comfortable, please.

12. When a dog misses her daddy:

13. I’m limiting your screen time, lady!

14. Get this thing off me!

15. Good morning, mommy!

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