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30 Funny Photos Of Dogs With Quirky Sleeping Positions

16. Cheering sleeping position?

17. “This sleeping position shows off his strong body. He must go to the gym quite often.”

18. Sound sleep is to sleep in any posture you like at any place.

19. Sit up and sleep. I don’t know whether he gets comfy.

20. “I see my dog sleeping like that while playing in the garden.”

21. Sleep soundly and get comfy.

22. “So tired. I need to sleep awhile. Don’t make fun of my sleeping position.”

23. One eye opens and one eye closes while sleeping.

24. “She falls asleep but she doesn’t want to leave my lap. He gets comfy when sleeping here.”

25. “Sit up and sleep next to my dad.”

26. “Cheer while sleeping. He must win a race in his dream.”

27. “Can you see his head?”

28. This dog can gain balance with this sleeping posture.

29. A nice place to sleep and play hide and seek, too.

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