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30 Awesome Responses To The ‘Didn’t Want A Dog’ Challenge

16. “Thank you very much for letting me join your trip. We will have a good time together.”

17. “Could I sit here, Dad? I need to find a comfortable spot to watch the film with you.”

18. “I am unhappy today. You said that you would get home and picked me for a walk but you forgot.”

19. “She asks me to take photos with her every day. And sometimes, I’m not in the mood for it.”

20. “Sleep for a while when we both are tired after a long trip.”

21. “Sleep in any posture we like means a sound sleep, right?”

22. “What is that creature? You’re gonna scare the living life out of me.”

23. “That’s how my grandpa and I get into summer vacation.”

24. “How long will you finish fixing my fluffy toys? I will stay here and wait for you to do it.”

25. “Look at the camera sister. We’re gonna take a selfie.”

26. “I love snuggling up to my human. I feel love all around me.”

27. “Honest to say, you find it hard to hug me now, right? I know that I’m not a puppy anymore but I still keep my puppy soul.”

28. “We are siblings!”

29. “Do you love me?”

30. “Good friend and brave, loyal companion!”

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