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30 Adorable Photos That Prove German Shepherd Puppies Are The Purest Things In The World

16. Was At Work, Asked My Sister For A Snap Of My German Shepherd To Show My Friend

17. Enjoying The Air Conditioner

18. When Your Food Bowl Is Empty And You’re Asking For More

19. My Shepherd Puppy In The ‘Teepee’ Ear Stage

20. He Grew A Little

21. Adorable German Shepherd

22. Cute Boi

23. My Puppy Is So Happy To See His Littermate When We Meet Up To Go To The Park. Twins

24. My (At The Time) 2 Year-Old Son With Our 8 Week Old German Shepherd Dressed As Swat Members

25. Because Puppy

26. Ferocious

27. My 8 Week German Shepherd Has One Lazy Ear

28. Totally Invisible Rabbit. Right?!

29. Chasing Bubbles

30. German Shepherd Branch Manager

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