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30 Adorable Felting Wool Toys That Look Like Real Animals

Have you ever spotted or bought cute animal felting wool toys at stores or on online shops? Your kids would go crazy when receiving these toys as a gift. With love, cleverness and craft skills, a craftswoman from Russia has made adorable felting wool toys that look like real animals. Yes, that it is. They come in many species, ranging from black bats to hedgehogs. Some people could not realize that they’re toys when seeing them from distance. If you are pet loves (both toys and living) or looking for lovely toys for the kids, these are right up your street.

Anna, the craftswoman in the question started making these adorable felting wool toy animals 3 years ago. At that time, she saw unique toys made from an unknown material, which, as she later found out, was felting wool. The mother of two got hooked into the needle felting technique and decided to try making a handmade toy herself. Of course, her first toy craft wasn’t nearly as pretty. But she never gave up. She kept felting during her free time, even at night, and she got better with each product. Amazingly, her animal wool toys gradually gained attention and were flying off to different cities. Here are 30 best works of her. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

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