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29 Pics Of Animals Who Have Been Saved From Australia’s Wildfires

16. Australian zookeeper saves animals from terrible fires by taking them home.

17. A koala drinks water offered from a bottle by a firefighter during bushfires in cudlee creek, south Australia.

18. Woman saves koala from bushfire.

19. A team of professional volunteers rescued a group of baby koalas from the adelaide hills fire zone area in Australia.

20. Volunteer holds a kangaroo with burnt feet pads after being saved from bushfires in Blue mountains area.

21. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital shares with you some of the sweet faces that are getting a second chance at life.

22. Koala being rescued.

23. Wildlife rescuer Simon Adamczyk is seen with a koala rescued at a burning forest near cape borda on Kangaroo island, Southwest of Adelaide.

24. A dehydrated and injured koala receives treatment at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

25. Tracy burgess holds a severely burnt brushtail possum.

26. Kangaroos gather on a home’s lawn in berrara beach, nsw, as bushfires spread.

27. Officers giving a helping hand to local wildlife in fire affected bendalong.

28. Koala being saved.

29. Lucky koala is saved from sa bushfires.

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