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25 Animals Who Can’t Hide Their Vivid Emotions

16. “My cat eats like a truffle hog.”

17. The Scream

18. “Found an old series of pictures from when my dog and cat first met. It did not go well for my dog.”

19. Sitting like a human.

“Muse, watching me cook and hoping for a treat because ONE TIME I dropped some bacon and she’s been chasing that high ever since..”

20. It always amazes me how they go absolutely boneless and comatose-like while sleeping.

21. It looks like the cat is in the middle of an unrelated thought while going about the murder…

The real murderer is in your house

22. Overly Dramatic Wiener Dog

23. And it was going so well…

24. “This is my bear.”

25. “Luka having an existential crisis.”

What emotion does your pet’s face usually express? We’d love to see them and find out the stories behind them in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share these pics with your friends and family members!

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